Cove (ft. Dom B)

by Sarboza ft Dom B

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This beat really reminds me of nature and Dom's verse enhances that feeling. This is a reminder to go visit nature every now and then.


Hit a trail after a fresh rain, adventure on my brain. The forest is here for exploring. Cut through the brush, lay with the fauna and flora, you can get lost in my aura. Turn rainbows to auroras. Learn every color that the eye can perceive. Find those hues in the dew on the leaf, if you can stand through the humidity. I'm just sun watching, young and plotting. When did i become so rotten? I find jewels in the things that are forgotten. Fall into the sky into a cloud made of cotton. Lose conscious. The truth's so honest, so it's dismissed as nonsense. Killing nature, praising objects. I think we're confusing the content. Vibes in the air like a storm of diamonds. Did i provide it? I astral project when I'm bored with rhyming. Distort the climate. Avoiding dark voids when i step aboard the starship. Deport from the port at the bottom of the sea. Brain jumping 'round like parkour see my mind's with the land but my heart's with the streets. Where nature and hood shit meet. Hike on the trail in my Jordan sneaks. I try to live life like buddha, except to a hip hop beat. Come through with Biggie on repeat. All the ones who feel me don't speak just nod while my haters got my name in they cheeks. And my buzz hit like they chewing tobacco so it might stain teeth. Riding with my young homie, smoking herb on suburban turf. All too real, our atmosphere, these words i speak are from a world reversed. Spring greens and, revise my soul within. Levi's still on my skin. The kid inside me found time to grin. Hopefully I aspire to retire out on a private cove. Feet sinking in the sand. Sunset made of pink and gold. Write my blessings on a scroll. Locked away from humanity. They can ruin my image but they can't get through to my sanity.


released July 22, 2015
Produced By Sarboza
Lyrics and vocals by Dom B



all rights reserved


Sarboza Louisville, Kentucky

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